Scientific and Session Committees

The Scientific Committee of the 2024 CEBRA Annual Meeting comprises:

Raphael Auer (BIS Innovation Hub, CEBRA)

Falko Fecht (Deutsche Bundesbank)

Florian Heider (Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE, Goethe University)

Raphael Schoenle (Brandeis University, CEBRA)

Session Committees

There are 36 contributed sessions in total at this year's annual meeting. 

The title, organizing institution, and committee members include:

Global Economic Fragmentation 
Organised by: Banco de España
Committee: Francesca Viani, Jacopo Timini, Rodolfo Campos, Javier Quintana, Eduardo Gutierrez, Irina Balteanu (Banco de España)

The Role of International Trade in the Transmission of Inflationary Pressures during the Recent High Inflation Episode
Organised by: Banco de México
Committee: Santiago Bazdresch, Daniel Sámano (Banco de México)

Interest Rate and Liquidity Risks in the Financial Sector
Organised by: Banca d’Italia
Committee: Federico Cingano, Anatoli Segura Velez, Massimiliano Pisani (Banca d’Italia)

AI and Central Banking
Organised by: Bank for International Settlements
Committee: Fiorella De Fiore, Sebastian Doerr, Damiano Sandri (Bank for International Settlements)

Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: Banks and Financial Markets
Organised by: Bank of Canada
Committee: Josef Schroth (Bank of Canada)

Large Language Models in Economics
Organised by: Bank of England
Committee: Andreas Joseph, Nikoleta Anesti (Bank of England)

Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap: Experiences from the Past and Lessons for the Future
Organised by: Bank of Finland
Committee: Esa Jokivuolle, Juha Kilponen, Iikka Korhonen (Bank of Finland), Andrea Ferrero (University of Oxford)

Monetary Tools and Transmission Mechanisms
Organised by: Bank of Israel
Committee: Sigal Ribon, Eliezer Borenstein (Bank of Israel)

Climate Change and Central Banking
Organised by: Bank of Japan
Committee: Nao Sudo, Takemasa Oda, Hiroshi Inokuma (Bank of Japan)

Central Bank Communication
Organised by: Bank of Korea
Committee: Taehyoung Cho, Minho Nam, Indo Hwang (Bank of Korea)

Economic Impact of Aging
Organised by: Bank of Korea
Committee: Taehyoung Cho, HwanKoo Kang, Dongweon Lee (Bank of Korea)

The Macroeconomic Impacts of Geoeconomic Tensions
Organised by: Bank of Lithuania
Committee:  Aurelija Proskute, Ziran Ding, Egle Jakucionyte, Zymantas Budrys (Bank of Lithuania)

Inflation: Process and Policy
Organised by: CEBRA
Committee: Raphael Auer (BISIH and CEBRA), Raphael Schoenle (Brandeis University and CEBRA)

Global Economy and Climate Change    
Organised by: CEBRA’s International Finance and Macroeconomics Program
Committee: Galina Hale (UC Santa Cruz and CEBRA), Fernanda Nechio (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

International Trade and Macroeconomics
Organised by: CEBRA’s International Trade and Macroeconomics Program 
Committee: Philip Sauré (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz), Martin Schmitz (European Central Bank)

International Trade and Financial Linkages
Organised by: Center for Pacific Basin Studies, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Committee: Zheng Liu, Thuy-Lan Nguyen, Mark M. Spiegel (Center for Pacific Basin Studies, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

State-dependence in Monetary Policy Transmission
Organised by: Central Bank of Ireland
Committee: David Byrne, Dilan Aydin Yakut, Gabriel Arce-Alfaro, Robert Goodhead (Central Bank of Ireland)

Energy Prices, Inflation and Consumer Expectations
Organised by: Danmarks Nationalbank
Committee: Alexander Dietrich, Renato Faccini (Danmarks Nationalbank)

Monetary Policy and Supply Side Effects 
Organised by: De Nederlandsche Bank
Committee: Timo Haber, Sebastian Rast, Kostas Mavromatis (De Nederlandsche Bank)

Labour Markets and the Central Bank
Organised by: Deutsche Bundesbank
Committee: Vivien Lewis, Tom Holden, Tereza Ranosova (Deutsche Bundesbank)

The Rise of Nonbank Financial Institutions: Consequences for Financial Stability and Monetary Policy    
Organised by: Deutsche Bundesbank
Committee: Falko Fecht, Stephan Jank, Daniel Fricke, Hannes Wilke (Deutsche Bundesbank)     

Poster Session for Early Career Women in Economics  
Organised by: Deutsche Bundesbank and European Central Bank 
Committee: Falko Fecht and Christian Schumacher (Deutsche Bundesbank) and the European Central Bank (Luc Laeven, Michael Ehrmann, Laura Nowzohour and Diana Bonfim)

Nonbank Financial Intermediation
Organised by: European Central Bank 
Committee: Marie Hoerova (European Central Bank)

Costs, Markups, and Inflation Dynamics
Organised by: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Committee: Philippe Andrade, Falk Bräuning, Jose Fillat (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)

Inflation: Drivers and Dynamics
Organised by: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's Center for Inflation Research
Committee: Robert Rich (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland), Raphael Schoenle (Brandeis University)

International Spillovers of Monetary Policy in a High Inflation Environment
Organised by: Federal Reserve Board
Committee: Stephanie E. Curcuru, Nathan Converse, Ricardo Correa, Juan Londono (Federal Reserve Board)

AI in Finance and its Financial Stability Implications 
Organised by: Financial Stability Board
Committee:  Melanie Klein (Financial Stability Board)

NBFIs and Liquidity
Organised by: International Banking Research Network (IBRN)
Committee: Linda S. Goldberg (Federal Reserve Bank of NY), Falko Fecht (Deutsche Bundesbank)

Monetary Policy Transmission: Still Alive and Kicking? 
Organised by: International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Committee: Gunes Kamber, Jerome Vandenbussche (IMF)

Sustainable Finance
Organised by: Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE
Committee: Loriana Pelizzon (SAFE)

Discrimination and Stereotypes in Finance
Organised by: Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE
Committee: Christine Laudenbach (SAFE), Ralph de Haas (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

Housing and Consumption
Organised by: Norges Bank
Committee: Knut Are Aastveit, Ragnar E. Juelsrud, Kasper Roszbach (Norges Bank)

Financing the Green Transition: The Role of Capital Flows and Intermediation Channels
Organised by: OECD
Committee: Etienne Lepers, Caio de Oliveira, Guido Franco (OECD)

Optimal Banks' Response to Targeted Long Term Refinancing Operations    
Organised by: Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Committee: Michael Sigmund (Oesterreichische Nationalbank)

Monetary Policy and Sovereign Risk in Emerging Economies
Organised by: South African Reserve Bank
Committee: Konstantin Makrelov, Monique Reid (South African Reserve Bank)

Bank Runs and Distress Mitigation Tools 
Organised by: Sveriges Riksbank
Committee: Christoph Bertsch, Valentin Schubert, Ulf Söderström (Sveriges Riksbank)

Central Bank Balance Sheets 
Organised by: Swiss National Bank
Committee: Marc-Antoine Ramelet (Swiss National Bank)

Disclaimer: Participation of the above-listed co‐sponsoring institutions does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation or favouring endorsement of the views, opinions, products or services of the Central Bank Research Association or any other co‐sponsor or other person or entity by any of the co‐sponsoring institutions. All views expressed during CEBRA's 2024 annual meeting are strictly those of the authors, discussants, and other participants and not those of CEBRA, the co‐sponsoring institutions or any other institutions.